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Upcoming Events

Family Ties Annual Conference 2011

Family Ties Family Ties

Mike and Andrew Donaldson are keynote speakers at the Family Ties annual family business conference in October.

Family businesses are at the heart of the UK economy and are increasingly being recognised for the successful contribution that they make to many aspects of the local, national and international community. Hosted by the team at Family Business Place, Family Ties is the conference that recognises this, and is THE conference for family businesses and their professional advisers.

Mike and Andrew will be speaking alongside representatives from other leading family businesses, such as Warburtons, Rigby & Peller and Arora Hotels.

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  • The Royal College of Surgeons, London

Date Commencing:

  • 6th October 2011 (Subject to change)

Housebuilder Awards 2011

Champagne Glasses

For the second year in a row, Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd (DTE) is the Champagne Reception Sponsor for the Housebuilder Awards.

Now in their seventh year, The Housebuilder Awards recognise innovation and excellence and have become the most coveted in the industry as they reward those companies that demonstrate the highest quality in all aspects of housebuilding.

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  • Millennium Hotel London, Mayfair, London

Date Commencing:

  • 3rd November 2011 (Subject to change)

Recent Events

Ultimate Cycling Challenge

Donaldson's Employees Cycle 2,000km for Charity!

Donaldson Challenge

Employees at James Donaldson & Sons Ltd had an incredible completion to their exhausting but rewarding 2000Km cycle on 7 July, as they accomplished their goal of cycling around all 24 of the Donaldson branches throughout Britain.

The most remarkable effort was made by Alan Sinclair, a retired member of staff and non-executive director, who cycled the whole 2,000km in under three weeks. This enviable level of fitness was admired by the younger cyclists who took a relay approach to the journey - which even in small doses was a tasking voyage.

After a demanding three weeks, Alan still had enough energy left for a party at the finish line located at the Donaldson's sawmill in Leven. Here Alan and the final 'Team Donaldson' cyclists were greeted fondly by a large crowd cooling them down with showers of champagne as they crossed the finish line.

Speaking about the experience Alan commented: "For me personally, the most outstanding aspect is the sense achievement. I worked out that including my two months of training I cycled over 1800 miles in three months! And I think one of the most incredible things is that I didn't get a single puncture!

"Crossing the finish line was the best feeling ever. As I made the descent into the sawmill and saw everyone waiting it was absolutely breath-taking - and a really emotional moment for me. Looking back over the experiences I had, it was all absolutely amazing. The plans worked extremely well, and I think it was as good as it could possibly have been - if not better. Plus it was great fun! It's fantastic to be back home though, I'm very glad not to have to get up and on to a bike every morning."

Commenting on his fellow Team Donaldson cyclists, Alan said: "All of the Donaldson's employees who participated were incredible and were a great support along the way. I think the best thing to have come out of the cycle (apart from the money we raised for Columba 1400) is that the employees who are not experienced cyclists amazed themselves, finding they could cycle much further than they expected. Seeing their feelings of pride and achievement at the end of each leg was truly inspirational, and I really hope it inspires them to keep up with the cycling."

As well as promoting healthier lives for employees, the Donaldson Challenge also proved a success for team morale, with Donaldson employees full of praise for their fellow cyclists and cycle support teams. Furthermore, every single cyclist to have completed a leg of the challenge cited meeting employees from other branches; the support at each branch; and the company of their colleagues on the cycle as real highlights of their experience.

Over £6,000 has currently been raised for charity Columba 1400, with sponsorship still coming in.

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The Route

  • Start - DTE Ashford
  • Finish - James Donaldson Timber Sawmill, Leven


  • 1,223 miles (approx 65 miles per day)

Date Commencing:

  • 20th June 2011 (Subject to change)


  • 18 days
    (this is flexible depending on the abilities of those taking part, call for further details)
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