Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsible Business Aims and Commitments

Message from the Chairman:

Neil Donaldson

"All of my predecessors contributed to creating a secure and successful business of which the current generation are justifiably proud.

"Being responsible for the efficient and smooth running of a family business brings exceptional challenges and responsibilities. My vision for the future is to build on the solid platform which exists today. Today's managers are merely custodians for the managers of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to hand over the business in stronger shape than it was when we assumed responsibility.

"As a family owned business, James Donaldson & Sons Limited has a strong tradition of doing business in a responsible way, it is ingrained in our culture and values and therefore how we do business. To have survived since 1860 as a wholly owned family business is indeed exceptional. This is due to the foresight and wisdom of previous generations who foresaw that building good relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the wider society was the best guarantee of long term success.

"I strongly believe that this core family value of responsibility has been the backbone of the business, and is as relevant today. We have an obligation to conduct business and generate profit in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

"The purpose of this statement is to set our responsibilities and commitments, identify potential risks to the business, and respond to areas of performance where we fall behind. More importantly, it also means we can identify opportunities to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through attracting and retaining customers, employees and suppliers thereby allowing us to create value for our shareholders.

"I hope you find this interesting and informative."

Our responsible approach to business

Conducting our business responsibly is not just the right thing to do - it enhances our business reputation and performance. It is about achieving a balance in meeting the need to make a profit with our responsibilities and risks to the people we interact with and that of the planet.


Building good relationships with the people we interact with is key to our long term success. This includes our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider society.

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Managing the impact we have on the environment and striving for continuous improvement is a significant part of our overall approach to doing business responsibly.

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Our Policies

Anything which has an effect on business performance and results must be viewed with regard to our responsibilities, risks and return. Therefore we have adopted an Integrated Management System.

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Trade Associations:

Donaldson's have actively participated in trade associations since the early 1930's. Victor Donaldson was the President of the Scottish Timber Merchants and Sawmillers' Association (STMSA) between 1936 and 1938.

Victor's involvement in trade associations started a family tradition. George Donaldson, Victor's son also became President of the Scottish Timber Merchants and Sawmillers' Association, as well as becoming the Chairman of the Timber Research and Development Association, and President of the Timber Trade Federation.

Neil Donaldson, the current chairman, has also represented the business as President of the Scottish Timber Trade Association, Chairman of the Timber Research and Development Association, and President of the Timber Trade Federation.

The business can cite membership and participation within various industry, trade and safety organisations including Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), Scottish Timber Trade Association (STTA), United Kingdom Timber Frame Association (UKTFA), Timber Trade Federation (TTF), and the Health and Safety Executives Wood Action Group.

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